Out of the classroom, into the world.


    At the Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy, students will foster their knowledge, love and respect for the environment while promoting sustainability for future generations. This teacher-led school is located near Maple Lake, Minnesota in the heart of Wright County.

  • JGESA Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan 2021-22

    Updated 7/12/21

    Executive Summary: 

    JGESA in compliance with Federal government, Minnesota Rule, Local Public Health and universal business guidance requirements;

    Face coverings: 

    • It is strongly recommended that all people present in school buildings and district offices wear a face covering.

    • All people are required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order to wear face coverings on all public transportation conveyances including school buses and vans. 

    Screening, Quarantine/Contact Tracing and Efforts to provide vaccinations to school communities

    • All members of the school community, including staff, students, families, visitors, and others should continue to be vigilant in monitoring for symptoms of illness and protect others by staying home when they are feeling ill and following COVID-19 specific exclusion and self-quarantine guidance when appropriate. It is strongly recommended that schools follow the Recommended COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools, Youth, and Child Care Programs to determine who should stay home and when staff or students may return.

    • JGESA will continue to offer saliva testing every 2 weeks to staff as part of the State of Minnesota program

    • For the safety of our staff and your children, we encourage all families to get tested for COVID-19. The Minnesota Department of Health recommends that school-age children who spend time near people who do not live in their home get tested every two weeks. You can visit a community testing site, order an at-home test kit, or get tested through your healthcare provider. All options are quick, easy, and free to you. JGESA staff tests every other Thursday and students are able to ship tests with staff tests on those dates. Parents must order your own kits from Vault Health, complete the test at home, then sent the completed test to school in the sealed bio-hazard bag to the school. Your student should bring it directly to the office on the date indicated.

    • JGESA has partnered with Wright County Public Health and local health care providers to offer and promote vaccination options to our school community. These opportunities have been communicated to families via email and social media as they become available. JGESA also has posted links to Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector.

     Mitigation Strategies

    • JGESA has the unique advantage of a 300 acre outdoor campus, whenever possible we will utilize outdoor spaces for learning. Also,  we have more than recommended square footage per student available for distancing student desk spacing.

    • JGESA will continue to follow protocols around social distancing, daily cleaning, handwashing, respiratory etiquette, and cohorting into small groups in an effort to mitigate disease spread. Note should we experience an outbreak of Covid it is possible that JGESA would shift learning models as needed. 

    Ensuring Access

    • JGESA will ensure continuity of services, including but not limited to services that address students academic, social, emotional and mental health needs in a variety of ways including access to in-person and online resources, school Counselor, Meal Finder resource, and more. Advisor, Counselor and other staff will  identify and follow-up with students experiencing lack of progress,  frequent absences or other issues such as equitable access or barriers to participating in instruction can be identified and resolved.

    • Digital Equity - JGESA will provide 1:1 chromebooks to each student. JGESA will also work with families to obtain free/low cost home internet access or provide school owned internet hotspots for use as needed. 

    • Appropriate Accommodations for Children with disabilities with respect to health and safety policies -follow MDE guidelines as to enrolled students who may be medically vulnerable or otherwise unwilling to return to in-person or flexible learning. This guidance is still being developed and is expected from MDE soon.


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    Accepting applications now for the '21/22 School Year


JGESA - Award Winning Innovative School

  • JGESA is proud to have been recognized as the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools winner in the Category: Creating Different and Innovative Forms of Measuring Outcomes
    Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy in Maple Lake has integrated their mission of “Out of the Classroom, Into the World” into every aspect of school design and culture. Instead of focusing student success on test scores and standards, they choose to emphasize the interconnectedness of living and learning with a “Skills Rubric” that promotes self-improvement, achieving happiness and self-defined personal success.
    MACS Award Logo
    • Project-Based Learning

      How do we facilitate the work of youth as self-directed producers and learners?

      Allowing students to design learning experiences based on their own unique interests and passions encourages them to be self-motivated, independent thinkers who are capable of solving problems, thinking critically, and who are prepared for post-secondary options and the workforce. Personalized learning plans are designed for each student.

      What is Project-Based Learning?

      Project-Based Learning (PBL) gets kids excited about learning by tailoring learning opportunities to match their interests. Students pursue their passions and academics at the same time by earning credit for projects they design.

      - Love to draw? Create a comic book about an interesting person or event in history.
      - Video games more your speed? Learn about an ancient civilization and build a game.
      - Like to hunt or fish? Turn your trophy into an anatomy lesson.
      - You like to cook - bake a cake that represents the layers of the earth's crust.
      - Want to take a hike? Photograph and identify wildlife along the way.

      Click here for answers to more Frequently Asked Questions

      Click here for a Showcase of Student Projects

      Research more by reading this  great article that describes PBL. 

       PBL cycle


A School Like No Other

Free Learning Activities

  • Out of the classroom, into the world.

    There are countless ways for your student to explore and learn outside of the classroom. Click for a list of free or low cost ideas, any of which could be turned into a fascinating JGESA school project. If you know of other ideas please share so we can expand the list.

Tall Ships Experiential Learning Voyages

  • Out of the Classroom, Into the World - JGESA is excited to announce a partnership with Lake Superior Tall Ships that will allow us to offer our students an AMAZING learning opportunity with 3 day Experiential Learning Voyages. Watch for more details to come. These trips require teamwork which fosters acceptance of others, cultivates personal responsibility and builds leadership skills. Programs emphasize navigation, seamanship, environmental issues, S.T.E.M. and team building.
Tall Ships Logo

Youth Conservation Crew - Middle School Program

  • JGESA is excited to announce bringing the Youth Conservation Crew - Middle School Program to JGESA next year. Advisor Jess Paulson has been selected to lead the pilot program at JGESA where the program will roll-out along with a few other select MN schools and @ConservationMN . Watch for full details in the 2021 school year. Out of the Classroom, Into the World.
    Conservation Crew will instill leadership and real world experience in students and support them as they select, perform, and lead a hands-on conservation project in your school or community.
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  • JGESA Authorizor

    Phone: 651-234-0900
    Address: P.O. Box 580, Hutchinson, MN 55350
    Mission: "The sole mission of Innovative Quality Schools is to authorize charter schools that are innovative and successful in preparing students to achieve their full potential."