Skills Rubric

Posted by Amanda Sitron on 10/20/2020

Have you all heard of the JGESA Skills Rubric? Being fairly new here, it has been really exciting learning about this foundational assessment that is used to support our students. It measures so many of those non-cognitive "soft skills", that are indicators of their ability to find success in their goal setting, their relationships, navigating high school, and overall employability. This approach to student learning is growth is something that I believe to be very unique.

Skills Rubric

For the next two weeks I will be visiting all advisories to chat with students about the Skills Rubric, and the value in reflecting on their own skillset, developing goals, and working on them througout the year. This metacognitive approach is something that is well-supported by research to improve a student's learning and skill building. 

Even more so, the skills rubric incorporates many facets of a students overall wellness, as portrayed by the Wellness Wheel. The Wellness Wheel depicts all the facets of a person's holistic health, and if you compare it to the Skills Rubric, you'll see quite a bit of crossover.

Wellness Wheel

Soon, students will be doing a self-assessment on the Skills Rubric. What a fantasitic opportunity for them to identify their strengths and areas of growth, and to set goals based off of the results. Advisors will be supporting the growth of these skill areas by incorporating them into the modules in Headrush. As students delve into this, it might be a good conversation topic around the dinner table. 

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