Guidance Curriculum

Posted by Amanda Sitron on 9/21/2020

Hello everyone!

Its a "thing" in the school counseling world that we are no longer referred to as guidance counselors, because we do so much more than guidance. Modern school counselors offer comprehensive programming in the areas of academics, college and career, and social/emotional areas. However, we do still provide guidance!

Within the next two weeks I will be attending all advisories to provide guidance curriculum about three things: A Virtual Calming Room Module in Headrush, the PSP (Postsecondary Plan) Module in Headrush, and a needs assessment. 

I am really excited about the Virtual Calming Room module that I created in Headrush. Since we have students accessing their education from so many places, they don't necessarily always have access to their coping mechanisms that they may normally use. This module has videos, activities, and app suggestions that were chosen with the intention of being a way to take a break and invite calm into the day, if needed. Students are welcome to go into the Headrush Warehouse, and make this module actove for their own Headrush Dashboard. I encourage students to add their own resources that work well for them, and to discuss with their advisor what they could do to earn some Health Learning Targets, if they wanted to take a deeper dive with it.

 Calming Room Module

The PSP Module is only for high schoolers. The purpose of this module is to explore potential careers after high school, and what type of education or training might be necessary to obtain employment in those careers. Every high schooler should have this as an active module in their Headrush. Parents- I encourage you to ask your student to show you what they are doing in this module!

Finally, students will be participating in a needs assessment. The goal of this assessment is to guide my work for the school year. Modern school counselors use data driven approaches to their work, in order to increase our effectiveness and provide the most relevant services. The needs assessment is a short google form, where students can indicate areas where they would like to learn more or receive more support in the academic/college and career/social emotional domains.

The year is off and running, and I look forward to connecting with the students this year through this guidance curriculum. As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!