1.0 FTE LICENSED SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER/ADVISOR (6th-12th grade) 2019-2010 School Year

Reports to:  Personnel Committee, TPP and Board of Directors

Supervised by:  Indirect supervision Personnel Committee

Classification: Certified

Terms of Employment: 1.0 FTE

Evaluation: Performance in this position will be evaluated annually by the personnel team in accordance with board policy.

Compensation: Reviewed and established annually by the Personnel Team and Board of Directors. Salary is based on years of experience, licensure and other qualifications (tiers and lanes). Competitive benefits package included through EdVisions Coop.


Instruct students with disabilities in basic academic and social skills.  Design and implement a program to help students with disabilities to get credits and successfully complete their schooling and prepare for life outside of school.  Complete paperwork, arrange and participate in meetings as required by Federal Law. Participate in the Child Study Team to design interventions, assess, and place students in appropriate programs/  Perform duties as part of site based management teams in the school.

For any questions -- Please email our Personnel Committee: employment@jgesa.org

If interested, please fill out the employment application form. http://www.jgesa.org/domain/55

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Job re-posted on 3/26/2019