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Horse Club

A group of equine enthusist students lead by Nancy "Jimmy" C.  - JGESA parent and professional Horse Trainer - meet weekly to learn about all aspects of Equine care, professions, and businesses.


To date they have:

  • Created thier own business plan for the stable of thier dreams
  • Visited several local ranches
  • Spent time at Anoka Equine Hospital
  • Explored career opportunities with converstations with a number of field experts such as a Real Estate Agent Specializing in Farms/Ranches, Vet, Farrior, Trainer, and more. 

JGESA encourages parents and community members to share professional expertise and/or other areas of knowledge with students via leading clubs, career converstations, projects, volunteering...the possibilities are endless. 




Horse ranch


Anoka Equine