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University of Minnesota Ichthyology Project

Jason H is doing a project through the University of Minnesota on the three main way to preserve fish in Ichthyology.

I am doing this project on a Gizzard Shad, a species of non-game fish that lives in Minnesota. One of the ways is a full body skeleton. I will put a Gizzard Shad specimen in a flesh eating beetle box.

The second way - shown in the image below - is to clear and stain a Gizzard Shad specimen. We used a specific chemical solution to dissolve the skin. When the skin is dissolved, I will use blue stain and red stain. The red stain will stain the bones of the fish. The blue stain will stain the cartilage of the fish.

The last way is to take a CT scan of a Gizzard Shad.


Fish Stain