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  • JGESA has a focus on the environmental sciences in addition to core subject areas. We offer the opportunity to share in the development of a truly unique and individualized educational model. Below you will find a listing of current opportunities at Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy.

    If you are interested in an opportunity with JGESA, please email copy of resume and contact information to employment@jgesa.org. None of your personal information will be shared with a third party. 


  • 1.0 FTE LICENSED SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER/ADVISOR (6th-12th grade) 2019-2010 School Year

    Reports to:  Personnel Committee, TPP and Board of Directors

    Supervised by:  Indirect supervision Personnel Committee

    Classification: Certified

    Terms of Employment: 1.0 FTE

    Evaluation: Performance in this position will be evaluated annually by the personnel team in accordance with board policy.

    Compensation: Reviewed and established annually by the Personnel Team and Board of Directors. Salary is based on years of experience, licensure and other qualifications (tiers and lanes). Competitive benefits package included through EdVisions Coop.


    Instruct students with disabilities in basic academic and social skills.  Design and implement a program to help students with disabilities to get credits and successfully complete their schooling and prepare for life outside of school.  Complete paperwork, arrange and participate in meetings as required by Federal Law. Participate in the Child Study Team to design interventions, assess, and place students in appropriate programs/  Perform duties as part of site based management teams in the school.

    For any questions -- Please email our Personnel Committee: employment@jgesa.org

    If interested, please fill out the employment application form. http://www.jgesa.org/domain/55

    Full job description 


    Job re-posted on 3/26/2019

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    Job Title:  School Social Worker FT

    Location: Jane Goodall Environmental Academy

    Job Description:  

    Social worker will promote and enhance the mission of project based learning in a close, relationship centered community by providing services that strengthen home/school/community partnerships and reduce emotional and behavioral barriers to learning.  The social worker will work to enhance emotional and social development of students while understanding the influences of family, community, socioeconomics and cultural differences on student success.  The social worker will assist in implementing effective proactive and intervention strategies and work as part of the collaborative team to enhance success in an innovative learning environment. Please see the job description for each position at the bottom of this posting.

    Job Responsibilities:

    Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:  

    1. Ensure compliance with special education due process including assistance with developing and implementing Individualized Education Programs in collaboration with families, students and teachers.  Support initial evaluations/re-evaluations and all due process requirements.
    2. Teach social/emotional skills/sensory regulation/coping and other cognitive skills to students utilizing best practice and evidenced based strategies and curriculum, including instruction in social/emotional competency strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, developing individual wellness and resiliency. Develop/facilitate skills training plans as needed for JGESA.
    3. Regularly assess and evaluate learning based on best practice. Measure and report on student progress, and reinforce students' outstanding contributions and performance.
    4. Participate in team meetings, committee meetings and professional development with general and special education staff.
    5. Maintain various required records/data according to established policies and procedures.
    6. Assist with development of 504 plans as needed, when needs are emotional or behavioral.
    7. Administrative designee for IEP meetings as requested.

    Family/Student Relationships: develop family school  partnerships.

    1. Develop regular, positive and culturally responsive communication with families, caregivers and students to ensure clear understanding of student strengths, challenges, goals, progress and potential.
    2. Collaborate with other staff in developing regular, positive, culturally responsive communication with families.
    3. Meet as needed with all students/families around emotional/mental health needs and develop system of referrals for students in need of outside services.
    4. Collaborate with outside community support staff in supporting student’s educational success.

    Behavioral Support: promote responsible independence for all students.

    1. Support all students around behavioral needs, support staff in intervening around behavioral issues, collecting student statements and supporting restorative practices.
    2. Support the development and implementation of effective behavioral plans/strategies for students.
    3. Support student resiliency, strengths, responsibility and accountability, including student supervision and discipline.
    4. Support teachers in utilizing strategies for building community.
    5. Support families in developing relationships with school staff and collaborating with families around behavioral needs at school.
    6. Assist general education staff in developing and implementing interventions for students who are not meeting growth expectations in academic, social or behavioral areas.

    Understands the diversity among different groups and modifies interaction style to fit the situation; understands how one’s own behavior may affect others; adjusts strategies when ineffective; exhibits appropriate interaction skills; and deals effectively with emotional issues.


    1. LICSW license or in process of obtaining LICSW license
    2. MN Department of ED school social worker license
    3. Understanding of adolescent development
    4. Knowledge of and commitment to gender equity and basic feminist theory/pedagogy
    5. Experience working with urban youth and families

    Salary: Negotiable depending on experience.

    To apply, please fill out our employment application form and send resume/cover letter to employment@jgesa.org. Posted 4/10/19 Edited 6/7/19
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    We are seeking licensed General Education advisor applications. This teacher-led school, located near Maple Lake, MN, is located on over 300 acres of land.  As a small, project-based school we serve over 100 students in grades 6 through 12. A classroom without walls awaits you!

    Job Summary:

    The JGESA Advisor is dedicated to the many roles within a teacher-led school. Interested in the design and building of a student-driven, Project-Based model. Committed to the long term success of our unique educational program. Providing quality project and seminar instruction while building relationships with individual students. Sit on two site-based teams. Ability to be flexible, yet provide consistency and structure for our students. An active and engaged member of our Team Professional Practice (TPP). Willingness to be along for the adventure!

    Teacher/Advisor FTE 1.0

    Reports to: TPP/Board

    Required Qualifications:

    1. License Requirements: Minnesota licensure grades 6-12.
    2. Education: BA/BS from accredited college or university.
    3. Experience: Diverse background with hobbies and talents to share. Enjoy the outdoors, nature and outdoor projects.
    4. Degree of supervision: Indirect supervision, essentially reports to all staff.
    5. Physical demands: Position requires daily physical activities outdoors.
    6. First aid, CPR, wilderness safety, and lifeguard training may be required.
    7. Ability to serve on two management teams.
    8. Ability to think outside the box. Collaborate, take leadership and develop a system. Follow it through to completion.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    1. Charter school experience.
    2. Project-Based Learning and/or personalized learning experience.
    3. Teacher-led/powered school governance experience.
    4. License in 6-8/9-12 science preferred. 

    *Duties and requirements are subject to change.

    Compensation: Reviewed and established annually by the Personnel Team and Board of Directors. Salary based on years of experience, licensure and other qualifications. Competitive benefits package included through EdVisions Coop.

    For any questions -- Please email our Personnel Committee: employment@jgesa.org

    If interested, please fill out the employment application form below.

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    Full Job Description

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    The Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy, a Minnesota public charter school, is seeking paraprofessional and paraprofessional substitutes to join our team of dedicated professionals for the current school year. Our teacher-led school, located near Maple Lake, MN, is located on over 300 acres of land. As a small, project-based school we currently serve a over 100 students in grades 6 through 12. A classroom without walls awaits you. Updated resume and background check are required. To apply, please fill out our employment application form and send resume/cover letter to employment@jgesa.org. 

    Re-posted - 3/26/2019

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