• Here at JGESA, our parent organization is known as PIE (Partners in Education), as we believe it is important to be involved in our children’s learning and to help create a community and culture between students, parents, and staff. Together we strengthen our children’s learning and our entire school. 

    Partnerships between parents, educators and children enhance children’s success. We know that children learn more and have better lives when everyone in the school community works together to share thoughts and information and work on projects to benefit children.  We've done events such as family Taco Night, White Elephant Bingo, Holiday Cookie Exchange and Ulgy Sweater contest, High Ropes Course, and more. We are always looking for new ideas that will benefit our children/school/community.

    We conduct monthly meetings held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the JGESA library, and we invite you to become a part of our team.  We believe more ideas create more possibilities and that YOU have a piece of the puzzle that is part of the whole picture.


    President - Anna Krienke

    Vice President - Position open, contact to apply

    Secretary - Anne Brakob

    Treasurer - Joel and Trisha Vaske 

    Volunteer Coordinator/Fundraising - Sara Liebeck



    Contact P.I.E at abrakob@jgesa.org