• Below you will find a list of supplies for the upcoming school year. Please note that in years past many students shared items, or used JGESA supplies. Due to CoVid-19 no sharing of school supplies will be allowed, making it especially important that your student comes to school fully prepared. 

    Appropriate Seasonal Outdoor Clothing - plan for frequent outdoor classroom time ○ rain gear, winter coat, proper outdoor seasonal footwear, hat, snow pants, winter gloves, work gloves (leather or gardening style)

    ● Change of clothes. Students often get dirty & wet during outdoor activities

    ● Food & Water - JGESA does not provide silverware, dishware, or drinkware. Students pack lunch, water & snacks daily ○ No hot lunch program or vending machines on site ○ You are responsible for your own fork & hydration ○ Avoid plastic bags & single-use packaging

    ● Reusable water bottle required

    ● Backpack

    ● Headphones

    ● Gym shoes

    ● Notebooks (3) - one should be yellow for math

    ● Scissors

    ● Standard/Metric Ruler

    ● Scientific Calculator

    ● Highlighters

    ● USB Drive (2gb+)

    ● 3 Large Glue Sticks

    ● 12 Pens, 24 Pencils, Markers, Colored Pencils

    ● Under Desk Organizers - JGESA does not have lockers so students need a space to store items. 3 drawer stackables such as these work great and can be found in most stores for approx. $20 and can be used multiple years



    ● Bug Spray

    ● Suncreen

    ● Kleenex

    ● Daily Planner/Calendar

    ● Pocket Folders

    ● Umbrella

    ● Great River Regional Library Card - JGESA students often use the online resources for the library and/or check-out books


    Students may need supplies specific to individual projects throughout the year