DL Checklist
Tips for DL

Student Expectations

  • JGESA students will still be expected to read, practice math in Khan Academy, and work on projects daily. The JGESA project-based learning model lends itself well to a Distance Learning model. Our students are already well versed in designing and doing their own projects with Advisor guidance. This guidance will continue, simply online or via phone rather than in person. Attendance and engagement is expected during distance learning just as when students are in-person. Students need to engage daily with their Advisor and demonstrate work completion to be considered in attendance. 

    Advisors will be doing daily Advisory with students. They will also be checking-in with individual students on a scheduled basis. Emails will be coming out to each student from his/her Advisor to let them know when and how to plan to connect. 

    The schedule below is very similar to what students have been used to when physically at school. This schedule is a guideline. We fully understand that not every household will be able to adhere to this exact schedule. Please view this as a template for how your child can allocate their time. As an example, doing 30 minutes of reading daily - not that they must be glued to their computer from 8:20am-3:00pm daily. In fact, we don't want them doing that. Project based learning is about so much more than being online. Students should still be doing projects. If that means building something in the garage, planting a garden, playing an instrument or any other project we want them to continue to do these types of learning. And, as always, students can build a project proposal in Headrush and work with their Advisor to get standards for doing so. 

    Suggested Distance Learning Daily Schedule:

    8:20-8:50 Reading

    8:50 - 9:10 Check-in/Advisory (this is how/when daily attendance will be taken)

    9:40-10:10- Math

    10:00-12:00- Project time (check email/connect with Advisor)

    12:00-1:00- 20 min. lunch (40 min. physical activity; mental health break, mindfulness, meditation, break time)

    1:00-3:00- Project time (check email/connect with Advisor)

    Students receiving specialized services will be in contact with their Case Manager (Katie - kzehowski@jgesa.org or Anne - abrakob@jgesa.org) to continue receiving their specialized services. There may be situations in which the services the student receives at school may not be available remotely. If your student receives speech or occupational therapy services, our providers will be joining the distance learning model on Thursdays. Paraprofessionals will be available to further assist students who require additional support. 

    JGESA has posted our full Distance Learning Plan to our site as per the Minnesota Dept. of Education instructions.