• NOTE: Due to the current federal and state emergency declarations and guidance about limiting person-to-person contact due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the December 2022 SEAC meeting will be conducted in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021—Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means.

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    Special Education Advisory Council

    Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy's Special Education Advisory Council, SEAC (prounounced "seek") is a partnership between the school district and parents/guardians of JGESA students with disabilities. The purpose of SEAC is to advise and advocate, not to decide policy. Minnesota law requires school districts in the state to have a SEAC. 

    According to Minnesota Statue 125.24, school districts must have a special education advisory council that is incorporated into the district's special education system plan. The purpose of the council is to: 

    • Increase the involvement of parents of children with disabilities in decision making 
    • Advise the district on policy and decisions affecting and/or related to special education 
    • Recommend priorities to be addressed by the district in their annual and long term strategic plan 
    • Support the needs of students with disabilities 


    Why is SEAC Important 

    SEAC advises the school district on the development of programs and services to meet special education needs of students and families. By sharing their unique perspective of what it is like to use these services, parents can help JGESA to be more effective. As a result, outcomes for children with disabilities should improve. 


    Why Participate in SEAC 

    Parents give many reasons for joining SEAC

    • The ability to help other families and children with disabilities 
    • The ability to share what has been learned based on individual experience
    • To better support the school professionals 
    • To model school involvement to child(ren) 
    • To learn information and skills that may help effectively work with the school 
    • To become more knowledgable about special education 


    JGESA's SEAC aims for parent members to join us to learn about district policies and special education programming first hand. SEAC meets at minimum of once per year at JGESA's Office, 8008 83rd Street Northwest, Maple Lake, MN. If you would like more information contact Erik Kehl at ekehl@jgesa.org