Enroll Now

  • Enroll today! Students wishing to enroll for the current school year may receive immediate placement or be placed on our waiting list dependent on current openings at the time of application. Applications are accepted for the current year until the mid-term date of 2nd semester. 

    Apply for the next school year - Applications are accepted from December 1st - April 30th. A lottery will be held at 4:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of May in which school is in session at school. The results of the lottery determine the order of the waiting list. The lottery is open to the public. Families will be emailed their student’s list number the first week of May, prior to the lottery. 

    Per MN state law, applications cannot be held from year to year; therefore, any applications received from previous year will not be considered and a new application would be required once the application window opens during the following school year.